We are very proud to serve the communities of Westcreek, Trout Creek, Turkey Rock, Lost Valley and Lutheran Valley Ranch, as well as Pike National Forest. We cover northwest Teller County and southwest Douglas County in the beautiful state of Colorado.


Mountain Communities is a 99 square mile fire protection district, situated along Highway 67 between Deckers to the north and Woodland Park to the south. The east and west borders are within Rainbow Falls to the east and the south fork of the South Platte river above Cheeseman Reservoir to the west. We average 160 calls each year and EMS usually accounts for about 70% of our calls. We service an additional 100 square miles of “no mans land” within Pike National Forest, all the way east to Rampart Range Road. We are active participants in the Teller County Wildland Task Force when large incidents require many departments to team together. Our terrain is between 7500 and 10000 altitude, leading to many tough, mountainous rescues. Rainbow Falls Park is in the eastern part of our district, and many of our EMS rescues for motorized vehicle accidents (automobiles, ATVs, road and dirt bikes) occur within in that area. We also serve an area that is extremely popular for recreational shooting, resulting in many wildland fires when responsible target use and placement isn’t observed. The Hayman burn scar lies within a good portion of our district. Unfortunately, we lost 100 homes during that fire but saved many others.

Our small team of around 30 volunteer Firefighters, EMTs, and EMRs are very proud to serve the residents and visitors of this beautiful area. It takes a special person to dedicate their time and energy volunteering for such demanding work, but the personal reward is an experience like no other. If you’d like more information about joining our department, please visit the JOIN US page.

Our District

View a map of the Mountain Communities Fire Protection District.

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Our Equipment

We have a capable selection of vehicles and equipment spread between 3 stations in the district.

Station 1 is located in the Turkey Rock subdivision. Here we maintain a Type 3 Engine (1984 Chevy/Can-Am with a 500 gallon capacity), a Type 3 Brush/Rescue Truck (2003 Ford F-550 with a 500 gallon capacity), and a Rescue/BLS Truck (1994 Ford F-250).

Station 2 is our main operations center, and is located in the Westcreek subdivision. The vehicles maintained here are a Type 2 Engine (1989 Pierce DASH, 1000 gallons), a Type 6 Brush Truck (2006 Ford F-350, 300 gallons), a Type 2 Tender (2003 Ford F-650, 2000 gallons), a Rescue/BLS Van (1995 Ford E-350), and a 4×4 ATV (2000 Polaris).

Station 3 is located in the Lutheran Valley Ranch subdivision. This station’s vehicles include a Type 3 Engine (1984 Chevy/Can-Am with a 500 gallon capacity), a Type 6 Brush Truck (1985 Chevy 1 1/2 Ton, 200 gallons), a Type 3 Brush Truck (1968 Am Gen 2 1/2 Ton, 1000 gallons), and a 6×6 Polaris Type 7 ATV (2000 Polaris, 30 gallons).


Our Board

The Mountain Communities Fire Protection District Board of Directors meets once a month to allocate resources to protect our residents and district.
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